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About Rawlings Industrial, Inc.

A Range of Capabilities
Rawlings Industrial is a leading builder of saw mills, chip mills, and planer mills. We have also proven ourselves in the construction of pellet mills, and we have all the tools and skills needed for building biorefineries. We bring projects in on time and on budget, whether they’re tie-ins or shutdowns, turnkey projects or mill modernizations. We’re experts at installing everything from log handling and merchandising systems, to primary and secondary breakdown systems. And we have decades of experience with equipment like lumber sorters, trimmers, dry kilns, planers, chip bins and conveyors. Thanks to accurate bids and a strong work ethic, Rawlings Industrial has earned the trust of owners, project managers and engineers throughout the wood products industry.

A History of Hard Work
In the 1950s, Mike Rawlings’s grandfather worked as a millwright for a sawmill construction company in Oregon. In the early 1970s, Mike’s father started his own sawmill construction and consulting company. That’s when Mike started learning the business inside and out, from building wood hogs and grinders, to installing log turners and optimized edger systems. In 1992, he founded Rawlings Industrial, which has grown steadily from five employees to 20. Much of that growth is a result of the rock solid work ethic Mike inherited from his family — and instilled into his company.

The Best Crew in the Business
Mike has spent decades recruiting and training a battle-tested crew of 20. Each member is a specialist and a problem-solver. Together they work quickly and efficiently, and are ready to hit the ground running at your job site. Customers consistently praise them with phrases like “the best crew I’ve ever worked with.”

Round-the-Clock Construction
Time is money for mill owners, so our standard policy is to work double shifts. For new projects, that gets your mill up and earning sooner; for maintenance outages, it can cut your downtime in half. It also raises the level of quality control, since our oncoming shift supervisor can address any new problems immediately.

Thorough Prep and Accurate Bids
We take exceptional care to make our bids accurate. Our bid process usually includes a free on-site walk-through — just to make double sure we know the job environment. Rawlings Industrial is not always the low bidder, but we often save mill owners money in the long run because we don’t have to add change orders.

The Right Tools for the Job
Rawlings crewmembers arrive ready to go with exactly the equipment they need. Our inventory includes an 18-ton crane, a 20-ton crane, and a 60-ton crane, plus forklifts, man lifts, hand tools, and an abundance of welding machines and torches.

Safety First
We work fast but safe. Our excellent record results from a culture of safety awareness, plus the well-coordinated teamwork of our crew.